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Palace of Westminster, London Eye and County Hall

Getting around in London
Use The London Underground, "The tube", the buses and for longer journeys overground trains.
London taxis have some of the best trained drivers in the world. "Minicabs" are also available which are "private hire" cars which cannot legally be hailed in the street but should be summoned by phone or by going to an office. A third group operate illegally, using touts to get business, do not use these "taxis", they are likely to be uninsured, unsafe and will probably overcharge.There are also currently cycle rickshaws, everybody else on the road hates them, you might love them if you don't get hit by a truck.
Transport for London
London Underground
Rail Planner

"Black Cab" or "flounder"[1] is something of a misnomer, as they may be any colour but are of a limited number of designs and always carry a white registration plate on the boot (trunk) and a yellow light on the roof which is on when the taxi is free for hire. 
There are many London Black cab websites, here are two:-
London Black Cabs
Black Taxi Tours
1] Flounder and dab - cab

Driving in Central London
Parking is expensive in central London and, like all cities, traffic is congested. From February 2002 there is also be a £8 a day congestion charge for the central area. So if your visit is part of a wider touring holiday, either arrange for long term parking or avoid having a car for your stay in London. Of course if you are American you will have to get used to using lots of roundabouts and mini roundabouts (give way to the right) as well as driving on the left. Automatics are easily available from major hire companies, even on smaller models.

There was a time when beggers in London were almost unheard of, but now London has as many as many other cities. Some are recent asylum seekers who are not allowed to work, some are alcoholics or drug addicts, some victims of broken marriages and there is also a high proportion of ex-soldiers amoungst the homeless. There is a self help scheme for them to sell a magazine called "The Big Issue". a magazine readable in its own right and inexpensive to buy. I am sure you will wish to make your own mind up on any donations, I merely suggest that refusals should be polite but firm. 
The Pool of London

London's weather

Highest temperature recorded in the summer months is 34C 93F.(July-August)
Lowest temperature recorded in the winter was -10C 15F (January-February), these lower temperatures have become unusual in recent years, as has snow.High temperatures have become more common.  Measurable rain falls on about 12 days in most months, November is regarded as having the worst, (cloudy and wet) although not the coldest, weather.Fog is rare, except in October and November on the river. August can become humid during periods of prolonged hot dry weather, which are usually ended by thunder storms.Prevailing winds are westerly, although English weather is very variable, dependant on the constantly changing relationship between low pressure, often centred over Iceland, and continental high pressure systems.

20 C equals 68 F
15 C equals 59 F
10 C equals 50 F
Based on surveys of other Londoners and my own opinions:-
What we like to see
London Zoo - Tower Bridge - British Museum - The Monument (to the Fire of London) - The Houses of Parliament - St Paul's Cathedral - Westminster Abbey - Kew Gardens - The London Eye - Tate Modern (for the building and the view) - The Thames from a boat - The Globe theatre - St James's Park - Greenwich - Soho and Fitzrovia (to eat)
What we don't like to see
London Dungeon - Madame Tussauds - Trocadero - Oxford Street (except for a few shops like Selfridges) - Hard Rock Cafe - LeicesterSquare ("lester square", fine if you want to see a mainstream film, "art-house" is generally elsewhere)
I say yes, they say no
Harrods (do see the food hall and do buy something rather than gawp, a lot of things are not practical for the tourist but the cheese counter and "deli" are excellent, then there is sushi or the oyster bar) - Covent Garden (allow yourself to be entertained, don't be a miserablist!) -  Westminster Cathedral (there's a lift in the tower) - Tower bridge (loved and hated, probably voted down by trendies who love concrete slabs and hate gothic and by motorists stuck in the traffic)- Buckingham Palace (but only combined with St James's Park and Whitehall, start from "changing of the guard")
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