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Tower Bridge


Route of the Thames path


The Thames path

Boating on the Thames

Guides and maps
OS Landrangers:- 
163 Cheltenham
164 Oxford
174 Newbury *
175 Reading and Windsor
176 West London 
177 East London
*only small section of 174 that can be photocopied and attached to 175, or rely on guidebook maps.

National Trail Guide "The Thames Path" 2001 edition showing several material recent changes bringing several new sections of riverbank onto the route. Description plus extracts from OS maps at 1:25000 and 1:16000 scales. The larger scale is very useful for London, where the extra detail is invaluable.

Thames path National Trail Companion
Accomodation and facilities along the path


"Walks Along the Thames Path"
25 Circular walks along the Thames from Thames Head to Greenwich


"The Thames Path" - Cicerone - Hatts

"Thames path" Harvey's walkers map (2003)

"The Thames, the river and the path" - GEOprojects 
A map of the Thames from Tower Bridge to the source with useful insets of towns along the river. Although mainly aimed at the boat user, it gives much useful information, including campsites, pubs, water taps, toilets etc. 1:60000 (Does not show latest changes to path).

More Thames books

The Canals
While the appropriate OS maps (1:50,000) are useful for getting to and from the walks and some aspects of navigation and planning, a dedicated boaters guide is very useful  for detailed information of which side the towpath is on and names of locks etc. The Lea Navigation is the one area I have found the 1" OS map unhelpful, the sheer complexity of water making it hard to know where the path goes. Luckily signing on the ground is good except at Three Mills.

nicholsonNicholson - Guide to the Waterways - London, Grand Union, Oxford and Lee (and Stort)

Ring back guide book with extracts from OS 2 inch to the mile maps with additional information superimposed.
amazon uk

leestortGEOprojects map - Lee and Stort Navigations with the East London ring
Approx. 1 inch to the mile map with large scale additional maps of complex areas
amazon uk

Walked it, now thinking of doing it by boat?
"River Thames A companion and Boating Guide"  190p
Full details of the river, each lock described in detail with diagrams including awkward currents etc, watermanship, planning a cruise, buying a boat and the history of the river. Lots of interesting b&w (often old) and colour photographs.

Incidentally, if you have fallen in love with the idea of owning a boat on the Thames, look into moorings before you even consider looking at boats - unless you decide on a towable boat.

"The Inland Waterways Manual"  Barrell 200p
Everything you need to know about hiring or owning a boat on the inland waterways, including the Thames.
Which waterway? Which boat?
Nautical terms
Handling a boat
Locks, bridges, tunnels 
(did you know to judge if you can clear a bridge? Set your eye alongside the highest point of your boat and if you can see the underneath of the bridge, your OK)
Problems and safety
Buying a boat including trailer boating
The Waterway system



More Thames books
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