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Route of the Thames path
The Thames path

River Thames -  books 

Searching the Thames - Waugh
80 photographs with a text concentrating on the literary and historical associations along the river
"Coffee table" format. A nice souvenir of the walk. Photographed with great care with a large format 5x4 view camera, often with long exposure producing pin sharp colour images.
London's Waterfront - From Battersea to the Barrier - Nicholas Waldermar Brown, Graham Reed
This large format book records the riverside as at 1st January 2000.
The author took 120 rolls of film from the towpath and from a boat which Graham Reed then converted into 570 A4 drawings which are used to illustrate every building along the London Thames from Battersea to the Thames Barrier. A team of researchers then documented the buildings to provide accompanying texts.A remarkable book, five years in production, which would please any Thames or London enthusiast.

The Thames path from source to sea - a photographic atlas
Aerial photography by the "Getmapping" people

London's Thames - Weightman
A history of the London Thames, its buildings and people


Pubs of the River Thames - Turner
A selection of the pubs along the Thames.


Dicken's dictionary of the river Thames 1887 - Charles Dickens
A miscellany of the Victorian Thames

Three men in a boat:to say nothing of a dog - Jerome K. Jerome
The famous account of a trip from Kingston to Oxford which made The Barley Mow at Clifton Hampton the most famous literary pub on the river.

Boogie up the river, one man and his dog to the source of the Thames - Wallingford
By the author of the highly amusing "500 mile walkies", which is also bound into this volume.

The River : The Thames in our time - Wright
Book of the BBC series


The River Thames book - Cove-Smith
The river from the point of view of a Thames lock keeper.
Arcadian Thames 
The river from Hampton to Kew.
Liquid History - The Thames through time - Croad
Photos by both pioneers and modern photographers with a narrative by Stephen Croad.
The Thames, England's river - Schneer
An Americans view of London and the Thames.
"Beautifully written, wide-ranging and rich in anecdote, Schneerís history of the nationís most famous river flows effortlessly'"John Brewer 
Two historic DVDs covering the Thames from the 1920's to the 1960's
City of Ships
City of Ships - Sweet Thames - London River and Docks - Pola Fen London - Port of London 1924 DVD
Royal River
The Royal River - Coronation day - Royal Visit 1959 - Thames Tideway - Port of London 1929
(There is also a "Sea to Source" DVD by Nick Clarke from a 2002 TV series, which I dont have an Amazon link for. If you want "Royal River" on video tape, try the Inland Waterways Association.)
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