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5star route
Collecting summits, whether Munros or Lakeland fells may not be the best reason to climb hills, but many are the hillwalkers who have discovered favourite hills only because they made that first visit just to "tick it off" .For me that was true of the Nantlle ridge. The guide book had given little clue to the quality of the walk and blessed with a February inversion we walked in still air in the sunshine whilst those below endured damp, mist, wind and gloom. Only Snowdon stood head and shoulders above the sea of cloud, a peak of solid rock amongst the phantom mountains swirling below. 
Nantlle ridge
Y Garn 2080 

Drws-y-Coed 2286 

Trum y Ddysgl 2329 

Tal-y-Mignedd 2148 

Craig Cwm Silyn 2408 

Garnedd-Goch 2301 

(Could be extended to Graig Goch 1999)

There are a number of options to consider when planning a traverse of the ridge ("Nantlle ridge" is possibly a misnomer, the walk is better described as a series of "edges" above Cwm Pennant, perhaps "The Pennant aretes" would have been a better name?). It is necessary to decide whether you wish to "bag" all the summits or  wish to follow the most interesting rock scenery. Perhaps the line of the watershed appeals, continuing on to Graig Goch?
The Pennant Horseshoe
Described in "Classic Walks", a long horseshoe around Moel Hebog and the Nantlle ridge starting from Pont Gyfyng. Somewhat contrived as the route descends to valley level half way.

Nantlle 2000s
Drws-y-coed to Garnedd-Goch taking in all the 2000 foot peaks.
The Watershed
Drwys-y-coed to Graig Goch.
The Classic Ridge
Drws-y-coed to Craig Cwm Silyn descending north to Nantlle along the rim of Craig Cwm Silyn.
Apart from the strenuous horseshoe these walks must all be at least partly reversed unless a second car can be left in the Nantlle area.

What the guide books say:-

"The High Summits of Wales" Uney (Guide to the Welsh "Hewitts")
"this ridge is possibly one of the finest high level walk in Wales"
"Beyond Craig Cwm Silyn another minor top can be included in the walk,
although if returning to Rhyd Ddu its not really worth it"

"Great British Ridge Walks" Birkett
"Rightly regarded as one of the great ridge walks of Snowdonia".
Description unusually west to east. Described as "moderate difficulty and unstrenuous"...depends on the individual I suppose.

"The Ridges of Snowdonia" Ashton
Talks of "gentle" "forgotten" and "short infrequent scrambles". This does not describe
the route for me. Although it has six pages of description, much of it is oblique in nature.
Describes Y Garn to Garnedd Goch then north to Nantlle

The Mountain of England & Wales  Volume 1 Nutall (Welsh hills of 2000 feet)
"This long airy ridge is one of the finest high level ridge walks in Wales"

"The Welsh Peaks" Poucher (second-hand only)
"a prize for the connoisseur". Poucher recommends following the rim of the cliffs of Craig Cwm Silyn down towards Nantlle, with Garnedd Goch summit cairn as an optional extra.
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distant view
Our walk started from Rhyd Ddu car park near junction of A4085/B4416. 

After crossing a field on a slate path start to climb up across a second field following white painted arrows. Soon the path steepens and climbs up to the start of the ridge proper at the summit of Y Garn which is reached after an area of stones and a stile over a wall. Turning west the ridge rapidly narrows and exposed situations occur as crags and boulders narrow the choices of route available. Just before the summit ofDrws-y-Coedan awkward step appears. Keeping to the crest requires a big step across a gap, while the bypass route is on an exposed ledge. Probably the safest option is to stay on the crest up to the step and then slide down to the end of the bypass path. A few yards on and all difficulties disappear and the route reverts to grass and on to the featureless summit of Drws-y-Coed. Cliffs continue on the right (N) side to Trum y Ddysgl with its strange flat grass summit. A descent path is available (leaving SW onward route S near summit) here returning through the forestry to rejoin the outward route. After the col scramble up to Craig Cwm Silyn. A second descent path starts here but does involve renascent to join descent route 1.  Or descend north along the rim of Craig Cwm Silyn towards Nantlle or carry on along the watershed. The latter options will require a second car parked in the Nantlle area.

supplied profile
profile of the watershed as far as Garnedd-Goch 
user created route
A circular walk descending off the SE of the ridge.
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