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Kedgeree originated in the British Raj as an adaptation of sub-continent cuisine to meet the needs of the British.

Fry an onion in butter until soft. 
Meanwhile poach 2 skinned smoked haddock fillets (or cod etc) lightly. 
Add a cup full or more of basmati rice to the onion along with the spices[1] and fry a little then add water gradually to be absorbed by rice.
Flake the fish and add to rice.
Meanwhile hard boil about 3 hens eggs, peel and cut in halves, mix into the finished dish.

1] ground cumin, garam masala and turmeric

Many recipes add prawns and smoked salmon, but I feel its best kept simple.

(recipes are for 2)

Note:- Spice quantities
I have not specified spice quantities. The amount to use depends upon the freshness of the spice and personal preference. In general I believe cumin and coriander can be added liberally without danger but cinnamon and cloves need a little more reticence. Chillies of course also vary in strength and note that removing the seeds reduces heat considerably. After preparing chillies take care not to touch sensitive parts of the body. 

British Curry

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