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Traditional English food - Lancashire Hotpot

Lancashire Hotpot
Traditionally this dish might have left to cook slowly all day while the family worked.
Fresh lamb or mutton, especially something like Herdwick wether, will make a big difference to this dish.
Fry a chopped onion and add about 1 1/2 pounds of lamb, fry until brown. Boil the lamb bones in water to make stock. (You can make this dish with lamb chops on the bone, which should go into the hotpot standing on end. Include kidneys if you can). Add a little flour and cook a little more. Add a couple of black puddings, sliced up. Fry a little more.
Put this mixture in a casserole with a lid along with thyme and some sliced carrots. Cover the stew with  two or three layers of sliced potatoes. Pour in the lamb stock to just cover the potatoes.
Put the lid on and cook in a medium heat oven for an hour. After the hour remove the lid, add a few knobs of butter and continue cooking for another hour to brown the potatoes and reduce the stock.
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