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Indian curry recipes
Chicken Tikka Masala ("CTM")

Make a marinade of mustard oil[1] with garam masala, chilli powder, paprika, cumin, coriander, garlic, ginger, turmeric and yoghurt (about half as much as the mustard oil). 

Marinate chicken pieces (ideally) overnight in the 'fridge.

Grill or roast the chicken till cooked through.

The sauce
Garam Masala, a little chilli powder, ginger and garlic, all minced up and whizzed, then fried in ghee. Add tomato puree and a can of plum tomatoes (that have been whizzed) and continue frying over a low heat. To be really "authentic" add a pinch of red food colouring!
Add the chicken pieces and warm through.
Finally over a low heat stir in the cream/creme fraise.

1] mustard oil in UK is sold "for external use only" as some authorities believe there is a health risk. If not happy with this use another vegetable oil.

(recipes are for 2)

Note:- Spice quantities
I have not specified spice quantities. The amount to use depends upon the freshness of the spice and personal preference. In general I believe cumin and coriander can be added liberally without danger but cinnamon and cloves need a little more reticence. Chillies of course also vary in strength and note that removing the seeds reduces heat considerably. After preparing chillies take care not to touch sensitive parts of the body. 

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