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Indian curry recipes
A mild fragrant rice based dish.
Cook a cup of rice in the usual way, then dry in the oven and fluff up the grains with a fork.
Meanwhile make a masala of lots of cardamon, ground almonds, a few cloves, a couple of saffron threads,  a little cinnamon and a little chilli powder. 
Fry a sliced aubergine (and any other vegetables you wish to use such as okra or cauliflower) until cooked, reserve.
Fry a chopped onion in ghee or butter, stir in the masala and some pureed ginger and garlic and a little greek yoghurt and fry a little more.
Add the rice and fry a little to coat the grains.
Add the cooked vegetables to the rice, sprinkle with a little rose water and coriander leaves and serve.

(recipes are for 2)

Note:- Spice quantities
I have not specified spice quantities. The amount to use depends upon the freshness of the spice and personal preference. In general I believe cumin and coriander can be added liberally without danger but cinnamon and cloves need a little more reticence. Chillies of course also vary in strength and note that removing the seeds reduces heat considerably. After preparing chillies take care not to touch sensitive parts of the body. 

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