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Indian curry recipes

Paneer - (cottage cheese) 
Ingredients: 2 pints full cream milk and 1 fluid ounce of lemon juice.
Heat the milk in a saucepan. When nearly boiling add the lemon juice and continue until milk boils.
Once curdled turn off the heat. Strain through a muslin cloth, retaining the curds. Twist the muslin to expel whey then press under a heavy weight for a couple of hours. 

Cubed and fried paneer is good with peas or spinach as a side dish

Keema Pimento 
Ingredients: About 3 green (bell) peppers, 1 onion, 1 lb of minced (ground) beef, spices.
Cut the green peppers into slices, removing seeds. Sauté for a few minutes in vegetable oil. Reserve and keep warm. Now add the chopped onion to the pan and soften. Next add black pepper, cumin powder (lots!), garam masala, a little cinnamon and chilli to taste. Cook for a few minutes then add the meat and cook gently until the meat is well browned (about 20 minutes). Add back the green peppers and serve on a bed of boiled basmati rice.

(recipes are for 2)

Note:- Spice quantities
I have not specified spice quantities. The amount to use depends upon the freshness of the spice and personal preference. In general I believe cumin and coriander can be added liberally without danger but cinnamon and cloves need a little more reticence. Chillies of course also vary in strength and note that removing the seeds reduces heat considerably. After preparing chillies take care not to touch sensitive parts of the body. 

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