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This is a Portugese/Goan, rather than Indian dish. There is some dispute about how this dish should be prepared. I believe this is reasonably accurate recipe and is based on "vindaloo" being deriving from wine-garlic in Portuguese (not aloo-potato, which I believe is reverse engineering) and uses the pork pickled in wine vinegar the Portuguese brought with them on their ships. 

Grind up a mixture of the following spices:- 
Ginger,garlic,chilli,turmeric,cardamon,cloves (a little),peppercorns (few),cinnamon,coriander
Cube enough pork for number of people (a cheap cut will be fine). 
Whizz the spices with enough red wine vinegar to cover the meat. 
Keep in fridge overnight with curry leaves on top. 

heat oil in a saucepan and add mustard seeds, when they start to pop add the meat (remove leaves) mixture. 
Simmer until tender adding water as needed (about an hour) 
Serve with boiled basmati rice.

(recipes are for 2)

Note:- Spice quantities
I have not specified spice quantities. The amount to use depends upon the freshness of the spice and personal preference. In general I believe cumin and coriander can be added liberally without danger but cinnamon and cloves need a little more reticence. Chillies of course also vary in strength and note that removing the seeds reduces heat considerably. After preparing chillies take care not to touch sensitive parts of the body. 

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