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The "Prospect of Whitby" (once nicknamed "Beanies") formerly "The Devils Tavern" was frequented in his day by the infamous Judge Jeffries[1],  whose victims were chained up in the river at low tide and left there while several tides washed over them. Later Jeffries was caught by the London mob after hiding in "The Town of Ramsgate" nearby and beaten, ending his days in the Tower of London nearby.
The pub was gutted by fire in the 17th Century and when rebuilt was renamed after the Whitby collier that moored up alongside when delivering to London. A third pub in the locality is "The Captain Kidd", only more recently converted into a public house and named after the Scottish pirate who was hung nearby in 1701.

1] Judge Jeffries presided over the "Bloody Assizes" in which 300 men involved in Monmouth's rebellion were sent to the gallows.
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