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Books by Paul Gayler
all reproductions for review purposes only and (c)Paul Gayler is currently executive chef at The Lanesborough Hotel, London.
and is a member of the Guilde de Fromagers.
His cookery books, while not vegetarian, emphasise cheese and vegetables and at times make me (to my own surprise, being a confirmed carnivore) wonder why I bother with meat!

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copyrightA passion for vegetables 
Paul Gayler

There are numerous books of vegetarian cooking, this is a book of vegetable cooking for the general cook. If I ever feel at a loss for an interesting vegetable accompaniment I turn to this book  There are also numerous things here that will stand alone, a favourite is "Jerusalem artichoke rosti with brie, bacon and cumin" (illustrated), just as good with potato instead of artichoke. 
"Braised thumb aubergines, Persian style" with pomegranate juice, tomato and harissa is good. "Mediterranean style carrot and beetroot" will partner any red meat (this has become a late summer standard of mine once our carrots and beetroot are ready for pulling). "Parsnip gnocchi with wild mushrooms" is excellent as described or the gnocchi alone make a good accompaniment to a beef stew. 
Guild of Food Writers "Cookery book of the year"


A Passion for Cheese
A Paul Gaylor recipe is always innovative and here he puts cheese through its paces. The things I love about his cooking are that:-
a) the recipes actually work
b) they bring together exciting flavour combinations
c) when they are vegetarian or near vegetarian the committed carnivore will not even notice the absence of meat.
Nominated for Andre Simon award.
"In a class if ots own is Paul Gaylor's A Passion for Cheese" Financial Times
Rotolo de patataA Passion for Potatoes
The potato is a staple food of the UK and can in consequence be taken for granted. But nothing can be better to eat than a freshly dug new potato with a little butter. Here Paul Gayler goes further than the routine methods we are all familiar with. The book starts with a brief history, nutrition, varieties, storage and cooking equipment then launches into the recipes. Soups, starters and salads; Mash, gnocchi and dumplings; Gratins, bakes and roasts; Sautés, fritters, potato cakes and chips; breads, pancakes and pies; Main courses and even desserts. All the standards are there like champ and bubble and squeak set alongside things like Janssons frestelse (temptation) and Scamorza, ricotta and spinach knishes.
Raising the heat
Spicy food from around the world, a natural subject for a chef with a taste for strong flavours.
Balsamic Vinegar, Coffee, Lavender, Olives, Basil, Coriander, Lemon/Limes, Peppercorns, Cardamom, Cumin, Lemon grass, Rosemary, Chillies, Garlic, Mint, Saffron, Chocolate,
Ginger, Mustard, Salt, Cinnamon, Honey, Nutmeg, Tamarind, Vanilla. 

It cannot be overemphasized how much Paul Gayler cares about flavour. Here he investigates flavour and flavouring and how they are used across the world. Complimentary flavours and recipes for each featured flavour.

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